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The 300th Anniversary
of Peterhof

The Upper Gardens
The Great Palace
The Great Cascade
The Lower Park
The Marly Palace
The Hermitage Pavilion
The Palace of Monplaisir
The Colonists Park
History of the Museum

Peterhof. Destroyed Grand Palace and Samson. Photo from German magazine

Destroyed Grand Palace and Samson.
Photo from German magazine "Ostland".
August, 1943


History of the Peterhof Museum

«Creators of Peterhof» by Yury Pompeev

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© Text by Yury Pompeev


German hour at the gate of the Imperial Stables at Peterhof. Photo. September, 1941

Chief curator M. Tikhomirova near sculptures 
taken out of their burial place. Photo. May 1945

Photos of Petersburg. Peterhof. The Upper Gardens Mansion. The Museum of Art Collectors

Photos of Petersburg. Peterhof. Opening of the Tsaritsyn pavilion on August, 17, 2005
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